Local Events

There's always something happening in Downcity Providence — whether it's a show at PPAC, a game at the Dunk, or a convention at the, well, the Convention Center, there's entertainment to fit any taste. And what's smack dab in the middle of all of these venues? Yup, Blake's, the most convenient place to grab a bite or a drink before or after your event.

Visit the websites of these nearby local landmarks to find out why Downcity Providence is the best place to be...

Trinity Repertory Company   Home of Providence's favorite theater company
Providence Performing Arts Center   The greatest singers, performers, and national touring shows in the area
Rhode Island Convention Center   Come for the Home, RV, and Garden Shows, along with other great entertainment!
Dunkin Donuts Center Providence   Home of the Providence Bruins, PC Basketball, and the largest indoor concert arena in Rhode Island.
Waterfire and Waterfire Park   Dozens of times throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall, enjoy Waterfire, outdoor concerts, and much, much more!
Perishable Theater   Local amateur theater, improv, and classes.
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel   All the best local and national musical acts.

Best Chili in Providence*
*As determined by a sampling of one - the guy who does this web site. It really is great chili. I eat it all the time. Get a bowl of Knucklehead Chili with nacho chips and some cheese on top.Yum!